Digital Photography Tips 3 Underwater Photography Tips

Photography has always been a fascinating subject to many people. Nowadays, you don’t just see pictures taken on land. You can also see pictures taken from space, air and underwater. So, for those divers who have the interest, underwater photography has become another perfect reason for them to do more diving.

Here are some tips for you if you are interested in this new hobby.

1. The equipments

As you already know, most cameras nowadays are not water resistant. Even some of the digital cameras that were designed to be water resistant, they can only be submerged underwater for the maximum of 2-3 meters.

So, when you want to practice underwater photography, you will want to get a casing to protect your camera. This kind of casing is just a transparent plastic with rubber to house your digital camera. As long as you fit your camera nicely in the plastic case, you can still access its function from the outside.

There is one thing you need to remember before you jump into water is the capacity of your memory card. Imagine that you are happily taking picture of the unique underwater life and suddenly your memory card is full. You certainly can’t change your memory card like you are on land and you can only do that at the surface. But by the time you get back to the same spot, your subject might be long gone. There is nothing more frustrating to a photographer than to miss the perfect shot and it is even more frustrating when it is cause by a small mistake like this.

2. Closing in

It is said that the things you see underwater is 3 times larger when they are on land. This is because water distorts (refract or bend) light.

So, when you are taking pictures underwater, you will want to get as close as possible to your subject. Another tip for you to keep in mind is that you need to be careful when you are photographing marine life in close proximity.

Even though some of them might look still, your flash and distant might provoke them and cause them to attack. The last thing you will want to get with underwater photography is to get hurt by your subject. So, keep yourself safe by minimizing your flash and use your zoom lenses whenever is possible.

3. Research

You are supposed to know where you are diving, right? So, research about the underwater marine life before you go there so that you will know what you are going to see. You can also assess how dangerous your subjects will be so that you can be prepared for them.

And for you to enjoy your diving and photography trip to the fullest, you can also look for any experience guide who can dive with you. When you are diving with them, there is a high chance for you to take some astonishing underwater pictures.

Digital Photography- Printing Made Easy

The excitement of digital photography has increased manifold with the introduction of digital photography printing equipment. Anybody can obtain this equipment and start making prints right from their home. The days of worrying about the film running out and going top processing labs for taking prints are over!

Digital Photography Printing- Take Care of The Following Aspects

However, before you start taking prints from your newly acquired digital photography printing equipment, please keep the following tips in mind for better results. For good quality, digital photography printing you must ensure that the pictures are downloaded at their maximum resolution, which should be about 200-300 dpi for an 8×10 print. A 200 dpi is sufficient for large prints (13×19) that might be viewed from a distance but for a 5×7 print, 300 dpi would be necessary. There should be sufficient resolution for good quality digital photography printing. You would need at least 400kb (kilobytes) for a good 8×10 print.

If you work with JPEG file format, some image information might be lost in digital photography. It is advisable to make all the changes at one go and then save them at one time. The quality of digital photography printing depends to a large extent on the paper being used. You must use only recommended paper for the printer. As the good quality coated paper is quite expensive, it is advisable to complete all cropping and changes on the imaging software before giving the print command. For inkjet printing, the most durable paper is known as archival paper and it is acid-free.

For digital photography printing, regular color inkjet and laser printers might not be the best choice. If you want to print directly from your camera, you should use a printer, which is PictBridge-enabled. You can also use portable printers, such as the HP Photosmart 320 series to get 4×6 digital photography pictures anywhere. Dye-sublimation printers are good for smaller 4×6 prints but the paper and ink for these printers are frightfully expensive.

When you are printing larger than 8×10, you might not be happy with the results from your own digital photography printing. In such cases, you should use either one of the brick-and-mortar, or online photo labs.

Professional photo labs can carry out quality digital photography printing from the information on your memory card and as such, you can take your CD, digital camera or the memory card to them for getting quality prints.

Do a Grand Canyon National Park Helicopter Ride This Easter Vacation

Easter is on April 20, 2014, and although the day is on a Sunday and is a holiday too, you can still take a chopper tour of the Grand Canyon since they operate on the usual schedule that day. If this Easter is anything like years past, it will be a busy time for chopper tours to the Grand Canyon.

The two main departure points for Grand Canyon tour helicopters are Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCA) in Tusayan, AZ (just outside the National Park’s main gates, South Rim flights only), and Las Vegas (West Rim flights only). Vegas is fairly close to the West Rim, it only takes around 50 minutes to get there by helicopter.

Currently, there aren’t any air tours (either helicopter or airplane) that fly between the South and West Rims. You might be able to take a flight out of Vegas on a Vision Airlines 737 jet and go to the South Rim as one leg of a tour. If this works out, I will post an update and let you know.

However, no helicopters fly from Las Vegas to the South Rim because it is too far away and out of the range of the tour choppers. It is possible to go from the city of Vegas to the South Rim though. You can take a plane to GCA and board a helicopter there.

Touring The South Rim

South Rim helicopter tours are categorized by time in the air. The standard tour allows you a half an hour of air time while the extended tour gives you 50 minutes in the air. The standard tour takes off from GCA, flies to the North Rim by way of dramatic Dragoon Corridor (the widest, deepest section of the entire canyon), and then returns.

The extended tour version covers the same flight path but also adds a leg that takes you to the East Rim. This takes you over amazing sights such as the Desert Watchtower, Zuni Point, Zuni Corridor, and Imperial Point.

Tours Of The West Rim

At the West Rim, you can opt for a landing tour or just take an air-only tour. The West Rim offers many fun options when it comes to things to do.

If you have a limited budget or are short on time, then the air-only flights are just perfect. They fly out of several Vegas-area airfields and will treat you to views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in addition to the West Rim itself. That being said, I strongly recommend that you spring for a landing tour if it’s at all possible.

One of these most popular tours is the one that lands at the bottom of the canyon. The tour comes with a picnic lunch and about 30 minutes of free time for exploring the canyon on foot. You’ll be near the Colorado River, which looks peaceful, but is actually the mighty force that carved the Grand Canyon out of the earth. The West Rim is the only place where helicopters are allowed to fly below the rim and land on the canyon floor.

If you’re going to the West Rim, then you don’t want to miss out on the chance to see the Glass Bridge or Skywalk. This bridge allows you to stand 4000 feet above the canyon floor and 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim.

The Skywalk is made up of 40 huge transparent glass panels that cost $250,000 each. You don’t have to worry though, the bridge is strong enough to withstand an 8.0 earthquake and winds over 100 mph. From the apex the views are unequaled – especially of scenic Eagle Point.

There is no better way to see the Grand Canyon than by helicopter. Remember that many people travel over the holidays so Easter is expected to be a busy time for tour operators. Because of the higher demand, many of the best tours will sell out quickly. Book your tour online about one week in advance so you don’t get shut out.

Have a great time on your Grand Canyon adventure!

Photography, Click A Moment That Is Gone For Eternity

Landscape photography is basically called as nature photography. And if you are clicking as UK landscape photographer then you are capturing nature in true sense. No doubt UK is a land of nature. There are many locations and places in UK which are naturally made for landscape photography. Cornwall offers remarkable perspectives pretty much whenever you rotate your neck, yet take after the unmistakably checked way from St Ives around six kilometers to the town and you’ll venture through aged pebble rings, arenas of violet colors and over bluffs looking down on lolling seals and dolphins. Complete with a half quart of neighborhood brew. Peak district lack district and many other places are also known as best places for UK landscape photography.

Before capturing a shot you must have some knowledge of that particular type of photography. Surveys of landscape photographer Yorkshire are accessible on site, to teach individuals about diverse parts of photography, for example, areas, Polaroid, lens and so on. Which lens is suitable for scene photography? What shade velocity is needed? Where would it be advisable for me to set gap? These are essential inquiries by picture takers. By perusing these sort of subtle elements gave by accomplished picture takers help you a great deal for catching an impeccable click.

For a good landscape photography you have attend Yorkshire photography workshops some of them are basically for Yorkshire photography because it is a catchy piece of land. For a good landscape capture you have to invest time of patience which these workshops teach you. Convey a scope to evaluate where the sun will climb and set, and envision how the spot would look in various types of light. This can take some practice on the grounds that you additionally need to take a gander at where the light won’t be dwindling. Capturing a ravine, for instance, you may see that the west divider will be flawlessly lit in the early morning, if the gulley is profound, then again, the east divider will be in such finish shadow that your Polaroid will be equipped for translation it just as an incredible dark splotch. Landscape photography wont ends here. For proper guideline Yorkshire photography courses for landscape photography are essential, so that you can properly capture Yorkshire.

Talented picture takers have long been utilizing the Polaroid to archive untamed life, and additionally to report changes due to man in the regular world. Untamed life photography has been a kind for almost the length of the Polaroid has existed, yet it is just as of late that a focus called “conservation photography” has contributed more than its fair share. It may sound plain as day, however what precisely is preservation photography and how is it utilized?

Protection needs a speedier course of events than the years of profession development that I’ve blundered through, however. So here you go, protection teammates. How about we speed things up a bit. Look at these five protection photography venture thoughts. Look at a few tips on the most proficient method to make history, and see where you wind up. All things considered, what truly transforms your photography into ecological photography is the way that you utilize it after you’ve pressed the shade.

Memorializing Deceased Family Members in Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day can be a bittersweet celebration if you’ve lost a parent or other close family member. While on the one hand, you’re thrilled to be proclaiming your love and commitment before your family and friends, you can’t help but be saddened that it’s not your father’s arm upon which you’ll be walking down the aisle or that the place of honor for the groom’s mother is conspicuously vacant.

Whether your family member has recently passed away or it has been many years, the void is felt on this day more so than any other. How do you honor these family members while balancing the joy of your wedding celebration? Here are some tips on how to incorporate the memory of your loved ones without turning your wedding ceremony into a funereal experience.

Be sure to discuss your wishes with three very important people–your fianc(e), any surviving spouses of the deceased, and your officiant. You will want to let your fianc(e) know to what depth you want your deceased family member mentioned in the ceremony. Be sure you are both on the same page in your comfort level with this. Bear in mind that this is also a difficult time for the surviving spouse. You’ll want to ascertain their comfort level with whatever honorarium you elect to incorporate. And lastly, use your officiant as a resource. He or she has done this a time or two and can make suggestions as to how to tactfully memorialize your loved one. Your officiant should also be alerted to the fact that the wedding day will be a difficult time for certain family members and he or she can assist by extending comfort and support where needed.

It might be easier for you to honor your loved one at the rehearsal dinner than on the day of the wedding itself. Since it is customary for the bride and groom to toast their parents at this dinner, it would be a natural extension to say a few words in tribute to your deceased family member. The rehearsal dinner will have less people than the wedding so it might increase your comfort level in speaking about such an emotional occurrence. Also, it is likely that your closest friends and family will be in attendance at the rehearsal dinner, making an emotionally intimate moment all the more meaningful.

If you’d rather include a memorial on the wedding day itself, consider the following options.

Place some words of tribute into your program.

Have an empty chair in remembrance of your family member. The bride or groom may place a rose on the chair as they pass, in silent tribute. In response to the question, “Who gives Bride in marriage?” the response might be, “In memory of her mother (father), I do.”

The bride might want to carry a memento of her loved one–a handkerchief, a piece of jewelry, or a small photography tucked into her bouquet.

After welcoming the guests, your officiant may add words saying, “Before we begin our celebration today, Bride and Groom would like us all to take a moment to remember those family members who can be with them today solely in spirit, especially (insert names).

Online Fine Art Photography For Sale

Online is the perfect medium to have a look at fine art photography for sale without compromising on quality of art work.

Photography is an art which cannot be artificial created but it is an inborn talent. With the increase in talent ratio in market, competition has also increased. In such scenario, online world has given recognition to many artists then be it related to photography or paintings. In San Diego you can find many such online website that promote work of newbie as well as well known artist in order to offer best fine art photography for sale. An art lover is always keen to have a look at some new and innovative art work and such online medium is the perfect example of showcasing art work.

While looking for company that offers online fine art photography for sale you need to consider some of the below mentioned factors:

Appropriate description is essential

Online sale of art work is definitely good concept but successful results can be achieved only when it is effectively carried out. While adding particular painting or photography to the online gallery, it is essential to add description to it. Description should explain entire details of photography and place where is clicked. What exactly does the photograph narrates? What is the motive behind such clicks? You need to look for such answers while visiting online art gallery.

Artist information

Artist information is very much essential because many people are keen to know details of artist before making purchases. Good artist information can enhance popularity of artist and can also create positive impact in the mind of visitors. There are online art gallery that provide till dated detail information about artist which also includes its birth date. You can make out whether the art gallery is efficient or not by means of having look at description and artist information posted in the gallery.

Presentation of work

Presentation of work plays very important role while displaying art work over online medium. In exhibition live photograph or painting is in front of you which can be good decisive factor. This is not the case with online gallery and so effective display is very much essential. The online company you select should offer the same product as that of shown in the gallery. Look for the reliable company that showcases original photograph and not some photograph that is create by means of Photoshop.

Fine art photography for sale can be successfully viewed over online medium if the website selected by you is reputed and reliable.

Learn Wedding Photography – Preparation Basics

If you have been used to taking photos with a traditional camera and film, you may be surprised at how easy it can be to lose a whole memory card full of pictures, because of seemingly simple errors. With a film camera, it does not matter if the battery gives out right at the time you take a photo. The only problem that might occur, is that you lose that one shot. You just rewind the film, and you are good to go. As great as digital is, there are pitfalls that can really bite you if you do not prepare for them.

You need to make time to plan ahead whenever you are about to take important photos for any event, be it a wedding, graduation or even a family day out sightseeing in a new city. And the reason for the time? Lets take a deeper look. Each of the points I cover here carry the same weight as the other. In other words, do all of the following to make sure that you have a successful day, taking wonderful photos for you and the subjects.

1.Make sure that all your batteries are fully charged. If your camera uses a proprietary battery, then you need to make sure that it is fully charged before you start the days event. Depending on how many photos you may take on the day, (see, more planning), you may need to buy an extra battery and have it fully charged as well. A lot of the smaller compact cameras, and even the larger DSLRs, often take special built batteries. They can be quite expensive, but if you think you might be taking a large number of photos, then it will be to your benefit to purchase an extra battery. It will always come in handy in the future, so it will never be a waste of your money.

2.Make sure that you have enough memory cards to hold all of the photos you will be taking on the day. Many of the smaller compact cameras can only take smaller capacity memory cards. So, if you are planning on taking photos for a special days event, then it would be wise to make sure that you have one or two spare memory cards. Also, be aware, that if your camera can take the larger capacity memory cards, and you think you can take all the photos on just one large card, then you also need to consider that if you have problems with that card, you will lose all the images from the day. Thats why I often suggest having two or three cards available, so that if anything were to happen to one of your cards, you would still have images on the other cards. Some of the larger capacity cards available these days, can store hundreds and even thousands of images before you need to change to a new card. I can only imagine the pain of losing a card with hundreds of irreplaceable images.

3.Before you start the days event, make sure that you format the memory cards and get them prepared for the days event. Be sure to format the card in the camera you will be using for the days event. Industry experts all agree that the best way to format and prepare a memory card, is to do it in the camera you will be using. Do not format the card using your computer. By using the cameras, it ensures that you have maximum compatibility. Also, if there is going to be a problem with the card, this is most often the time where the problem will show up. If the card does not format properly in the camera, then do not use that card during the event, but try and rectify the problem when you return home. Never try and use a card that shows any sign of a problem. It is just not worth the effort. You can try all kinds of things once you get home and have the time to spend and diagnose the problem.

Knit Angora Christmas Stockings For A Lasting Gift

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, everyone starts thinking about presents. Why not show your appreciation to your family and friends with something hand-crafted? A great way to spend those longer winter evenings is to learn to knit Angora Christmas stockings — they are not only a personalized gift but remain useful for years and years to come.

Knitting is rapidly regaining popularity, so it is easier than ever to get started. Angora yarn offers both affordability and a touch of luxury, making it a great choice for Christmas stockings. Because its texture is so fluffy and soft, it’s sure to be a hit with very young children, who love the feeling of the wool.

Angora Yarn for Hand Knitting

There is no need to use the wool only for knitting Angora Christmas stockings. Anyone will enjoy the feel of a warm hand knitted angora scarf, mitten or hat, or even a little more difficult knitting of a nice lush angora sweater. These are all perfect to be worn on a chilly winter day.

Imagine your loved ones hanging your unique, handcrafted Angora Christmas stockings on their fireplace this Christmas. As timeless as the season itself, by starting today your warm Angora Christmas stockings can be ready to fill this Christmas, and for years to come.

Christmas, for some, can be seen as a financial burden, especially for those of us with grandchildren. By choosing to make your own gifts, that expense can be lowered without compromising on the quality. In fact it could be said that quality is actually improved.

Each stocking you knit can be truly as unique as those you are making them for. The stocking can be decorated afterward with all sorts of materials such as bells, beads and sequins. You can even create Santa’s beard simply by using some white angora wool and silver tinsel.

So this Christmas, why not give a uniquely personal gift that can be used over and over again? A gift that is suitable for all generations and for those still to come. The only limit to creating a unique gift is your own imagination.

Cancun Is A Heaven For The Photography

Cancun big event professional wedding photographer is a recognized professional pictures business that helps folks to preserve their reminiscences forever. Modern and individual approach to wedding photography has been used by marriage professional photographers. Cancun wedding professional photographers are greatly professional solutions suppliers and offers ideal doable solutions to their clientele.
A great occupation, photography is the best ways one can help people revive their fondest reminiscences. This can also be an extravagant occupation and it is up to the professional wedding photographer to get the best out of the situation and make the couples look their best. The photographers process is to set the feelings and develop of the image. Wedding photography playa Del Carmen does specifically that. They are designers completing colors in images and carry out the best in them.
Photography usually represents taking times which makes us feel like existing the lifestyle yet one more time. A wonderful sensation, marriage however is a situation which comes in the daily lifetime of a personal and is the most important day in his or her lifestyle. Everyone believes and delight in this happy sensation on some day of their lifestyle. To stay the lifestyle at its maximum, it is like existing and getting the second opportunity and the sensation of real love and cleanliness.
Cancun is a lovely metropolis found in Mexico. The location is well-liked for a variety of reasons. In a number of several years this gorgeous spot has found a lot of improvements. The location has gone through amazing alteration from becoming a basic fishermans location ornamented by virgin forest woodlands and unfamiliar seashore it has grown into a amazing city. Individuals from way off places come here to get wed. Cancun big event professional wedding photographer is a recognized professional pictures business that helps folks to preserve their reminiscences forever. Each personal desires to revive these thoughts afterwards in their way of life. They offer an uncomplicated, simple and discreet style to their people and at the same time retains highly professional expectations are the area of expertise of this business. The services of wedding photography Riviera Maya are provided way and large. Individuals other in this location acquire their remedies.
Wedding photography Riviera Maya and trash the dress are some of the other companies provided by Cancun marriage professional photographers. Modern and individual approach to wedding photography has been used by marriage professional photographers. Cancun wedding professional photographers are greatly professional solutions suppliers and offers ideal doable solutions to their clientele. It is simply value for dollars if they are using for masking a big event, no matter whether it is little or big as they have the art to make your reminiscences stunning. They provide a range of deals aside from standard marriage photography like storybook and traditional collections.

Regular Photography Business Is Dying. Birthing Of 3d Photography Business!

Of course I understand that the sentence “Regular photography business is dying” in this article title is too strong. The most talented photographers will be in business forever. I used it just to grab your attention to the problem that regular photography business got recently after starting a digital era.
Nowadays photo companies like Canon, Nikon and others are making simple to operate yet more and more advanced photo cameras and lenses, adding more new and useful features to the cameras, improving quality, sensitivity, noise reduction while at the same time cutting the price. Now everybody can buy a Digital SLR photo camera, read a photography book and take pretty good quality photos. Now we have more very affordable ink jet photo printers available in the market that can produce decent prints. There are many powerful photo editing programs for improving the images and making nice looking collages. The entire process of making nice pictures today is not difficult compared to the same process 10 years ago and much less expensive. That is good for the consumer but has put a great pressure on the professional photography business. Today anyone can buy computer, DSLR camera, ink jet photo printer and call themselves a professional photographer.
Today many people prefer to invite a friend to take their wedding photographs rather than use a professional wedding photographer. Those that do use a professional are expecting lower expenses as there are many standard photographers to choose from.Now many people prefer to make the photos by themselves without going to professional photographers and photo studios. That is why we can say that regular photography business is under huge pressure.
Over the years digital photography has become common place and technology has simplified and improved the resulting pictures to the point where even large companies in the photo processing industry are closing down outlets. Those that remain are trying to regain business by offering large format prints or prints on canvas, things the general public cannot produce. Many large stores which do not offer those services do not have photo departments anymore where previously they had big profitable photo departments.
But there is a new way for photo business, the business that is not easy to repeat by everybody and with very attractive product for customers! I am talking about 3D photography business.
3D Photography Business
There are several ways for taking 3D pictures and for most of them the viewer needs some special glasses for seeing 3D effect. That is not convenient for customers and not good for business. However there is one technology that does not need any kind of glasses. That is 3D lenticular technology.
3D lenticular technology is the most suitable for customers because people can hold the picture in the hands and see 3D, without crazy “crossing eyes” or having the special glasses. 3D lenticular pictures have the regular colors like regular photos; they can be in any sizes from small wallet size to big size for putting on a wall, they look like the regular photos just more alive because of the depth. That is why regular people prefer 3D lenticular images compare to other types of 3D pictures.
One of the main problems of making 3D lenticular images is a difficulty of taking the pictures and a very long and labour-consuming process of creating the pictures. For example,even couple years ago we spent at least 2-3 hours before getting an image, because almost all stages of process of creating 3D picture were manual.Of course, it is not acceptable for business because the price of each picture was very high. But luckily now, with modern 3D lenticular technology we can receive 3D lenticular picture in just 10 minutes and even less and most of this time is spending on printing because almost all steps of lenticular technology are automated now, for example, process could be so automated that period of time between triggering 3D camera and starting printing could be as low as 40 seconds. This In-Depth Image System was developed for covering all technology steps in process of producing of 3D lenticular pictures from taking the frames to creating 3D image. This system is easy to operate, for example, we can teach the people how to work with In-Depth Image System and produce 3D lenticular images during 3-4 hours and people do not have to be the experts in photography or in computer.
In-Depth Image System can be successfully used in many different photo market niches. There are:

Portrait photography;

School and graduation photography;

Event photography;

Pets photography;

Advertisement photography and so on.

In-Depth Image System could be used for establishing of 3D photo business because:

In-Depth Image System produces High Quality 3D Lenticular pictures in different sizes;

This system is simple to operate;

In-Depth Image technology of producing 3D lenticular images is easy and rapid;

There is no necessity to have very experienced staff;

The prices on 3D pictures are very competitive with the prices that ask regular photo studios for regular flat pictures;

It is almost impossible to repeat this process by customers themselves, so you will be the only expert in making 3D lenticular pictures in your area;

It is profitable.

Please, look at the real sample picture that were made by In-Depth Image System below. Unfortunately that is impossible to show the depth on that picture because computer monitor can show the flat images only. That is why I created animation GIF file from the frames taken by our system. Originally we shot 12 – 18 frames, so 3D lenticular pictures are much smoother and without any rough jumping like on animation pictures.